Day 5

I think we are on our way to our new normal.  Samdog slept through the night, though at one point I woke up and found he had slid off the dog bed again.  I need to come up with a solution to that.  I think he likes having the support on his back when he is layed out flat.

He joined me on a walkabout again today.  Out to the chickens to collect eggs and then into the backyard where I fed the fish.  He loves the grass and plunked himself down and waited for me to be done.  But, on my to do was to mow that grass.  So, I asked him to move up to the porch, where he sat in the shade and watched me mow the lawn.

Pre-amp, Samdog was one of those velcro dogs.  Wherever I went, he followed.  “Hey mom, don’t forget me”.  It is nice to see a little bit of that coming back.    He actually followed me into the bedroom today, but stopped on the last bathmat, near the door, to lay down and watch me from there.    He is definitely better at picking the places to stop and understands the value of the now strategically scattered bathmats.

His bruising is much better, still some fluid in his belly, but in all – I see terrific improvement this morning.

Hooray for day 5.


Author: samdog

Sam was a 10 yr old Golden. We found a mass on his right arm bone on August 17, 2012. Confirmed Sarcoma on August 22, amputation on August 23, post amp biopsy confirmed osteosarcoma. We found lung mets on November 27 and Spirit Sam earned his wings on December 2, 2012. As a retired SAR dog, we were always up for an adventure... We didn't know where we were headed, and we don't regret a single step along our path. My heart left us too soon, but left a legacy of love that we will always cherish.

7 thoughts on “Day 5”

  1. So happy for your and Samdog! So glad for his walkabouts.
    Hunter had fluid in his chest after his surgery, it finds the lowest part in there bodies and collects there… it eventually dissipated.
    Wishing you continued recovery success and many happy days ahead.

  2. Sam is doing really well! And it sounds like the walkabouts are just the right amount of exercise for him. And a smart boy too- knowing to stay on the mats. I had a terrible, slippery, wood laminate floor in the kitchen when Maggie had her amp. As quad pugs both of them slipped on it. I put down runners of non-skid rug backing for Mag after surgery and she followed the paths faithfully. I eventually replaced the laminate with tile (planned before the surgery) and she did fine on it, but still favored the rugs scattered around the room.
    Yea day 5!
    Karen and the pugapalooza

  3. It sounds like he is really doing well which has to be a good feeling for you. You have chickens, that sounds like true country living — I’m jealous. I hope you scrambled up some of those eggs for Sam!

  4. I just scrambled him some eggs with cheese after reading your reply, Kathy. He didn’t feel much like eating today and scrambled eggs was exactly what the dr ordered for the day. If he isn’t feeling like dinner – I might do it again. Thanks!

  5. I think Samdog might start getting used to scrambled egss!
    Good to hear he is continuing to do well.

    Karen and Spirit Magnum

  6. do you think a bed with a bolster would help? I never though Riki would go for that… but I bought her a cool bed (has a pad inside and you fill with water… not like a water bed , but cushioning, and acts like a heat sink) I bought a cover for it that had bolsters on three sides and it turned out that she liked it best…. ours is not partiuclarly stiff or supportive, but some of them are… check out the selection at Foster and Smith…

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