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Today would have been Samdog’s 4 month ampuversary.
We decided to travel for the holiday instead of staying home in our empty house. My brother was gracious enough to extend an invitation and we gratefully accepted. The best part is that they have a new addition to their family. Maggie is a 3ish month old pup who is pretty intuitive and doesn’t let me get sad for long. I’m grateful for her too. But… I miss my dog.


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Sam was a 10 yr old Golden. We found a mass on his right arm bone on August 17, 2012. Confirmed Sarcoma on August 22, amputation on August 23, post amp biopsy confirmed osteosarcoma. We found lung mets on November 27 and Spirit Sam earned his wings on December 2, 2012. As a retired SAR dog, we were always up for an adventure... We didn't know where we were headed, and we don't regret a single step along our path. My heart left us too soon, but left a legacy of love that we will always cherish.

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  1. I rotated my laptop to the right, and the photo came out fine!! 😉 I’m glad Maggie is keeping you on your toes for the holidays. I know that Samdog is looking down at you, smiling. I’m sorry Sam didn’t have more time with you after his diagnosis and amputation. I know when Max passed, it was hard for me to look back on his life and the memories before the cancer. But cancer didn’t define Max’s life, and it doesn’t define Sam’s either. Sam had a wonderful life with you, and he served his community in one of the most important roles a dog could have. Some will remember Sam as a three legged dog with cancer, others will remember him as a hero search and rescue dog. Either way, Sam will never be forgotten. Take care this holiday season.

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